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Your Guide to Rolling Steel Doors and Counter Shutter Doors

For businesses in the Denver metro area, selecting the right type of door for your premises is crucial for security, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

Rolling steel doors and counter shutter doors are popular choices due to their durability and efficiency. Third Gen Garage Doors is here to help you understand these options better, ensuring you make an informed decision suited to your needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn about the construction and use of rolling steel doors and counter shutter doors.
  • Explore their durability, security, and space efficiency for various business environments.
  • Discover how these doors can be tailored to meet specific operational needs and aesthetic preferences.
  • Gain insights on maintaining these doors for longevity and optimal performance.
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    What Are Rolling Steel Doors?

    Rolling steel doors are designed to provide security and durability for wide-ranging applications. These doors are made from interconnected steel slats that roll up into a coil above the door opening.

    Ideal for warehouses, garages, and retail stores, they offer excellent protection against theft and weather elements.

    Benefits of Rolling Steel Doors

    These doors are known for their robustness and long life span. They are resistant to wear and tear, making them suitable for high-traffic areas.

    Additionally, rolling steel doors are fire-resistant, which can help prevent the spread of flames in case of a fire.

    High Security

    The solid construction of rolling steel doors makes them nearly impervious to break-ins, offering superior protection compared to standard doors.


    Made to withstand severe weather conditions, including high winds and heavy rain, rolling steel doors are ideal for locations prone to harsh environmental elements.

    Fire Resistance

    Many rolling steel doors are designed to slow the spread of fire between compartments or buildings, enhancing safety.

    Space Efficiency

    Since they open vertically and gather into a roll, these doors save space, allowing for closer proximity of racks or equipment to the door.


    With proper maintenance, rolling steel doors can operate effectively for many years, making them a cost-effective choice for many businesses.

    Rolling Steel Customization Options

    Rolling steel doors come in various sizes, styles, and colors. They can be customized to fit specific dimensions and are available with different finishes to match your business’s exterior aesthetics. Optional features like vision panels or insulated slats can be added for additional functionality.

    What Are Counter Shutter Doors?

    Counter shutter doors are similar to rolling steel doors but are used in smaller spaces. Commonly found in cafeterias, concession stands, and ticket counters, these doors provide security without taking up much space, as they roll up into a compact box.

    Benefits of Counter Shutter Doors

    Counter shutter doors are ideal for businesses that require a secure closure for smaller openings. They are easy to operate and can be custom-fitted to various widths and heights. Their sleek design integrates smoothly into interior designs without being obtrusive.

    Aesthetic Flexibility

    Available in a variety of materials and finishes, counter shutters can be tailored to complement the interior design of any business.

    Compact Design

    Their design is ideal for areas where space is at a premium. When open, the shutter rolls neatly into a box, completely out of the way.

    Ease of Use

    Counter shutters operate smoothly and can be equipped with motorized options to enhance usability, particularly useful in high-traffic environments.

    Enhanced Security

    Despite their smaller size, counter shutters provide robust security, making them suitable for securing valuables in retail and hospitality settings.

    Customization Options

    They can be customized with various locks, finishes, and even automated systems to fit the specific needs of a business.

    Material Choices for Doors

    Counter shutters are available in steel, aluminum, or stainless steel, each offering different benefits.

    Steel shutters are the most durable, aluminum is lighter and corrosion-resistant, while stainless steel offers a sleek, modern look along with durability and resistance to tarnishing.

    Maintenance Tips

    Both rolling steel and counter shutter doors require regular maintenance to ensure they function properly and last long. This includes cleaning the tracks, lubricating moving parts, and checking for signs of wear and tear.

    Security Features

    Enhance your door’s security with customized options such as built-in locks, security grilles, or integrated alarm systems. These features can help deter break-ins and provide peace of mind.

    Energy Efficiency

    Insulated versions of rolling steel and counter shutter doors can help maintain temperature control within your premises, reducing energy costs. This is particularly beneficial for businesses in Denver, where temperatures can vary widely throughout the year.

    Professional Installation and Repair

    For optimal performance and safety, it’s essential to have your doors installed and maintained by professionals.

    Third Gen Garage Doors offers expert installation, maintenance, and repair services in the Denver metro area to ensure your doors are always in top condition.

    Rolling steel doors and counter shutter doors are excellent choices for businesses looking for reliable and efficient door solutions.

    Whether you need a heavy-duty door for a warehouse or a stylish yet functional door for a service counter, understanding these options will help you choose the best one for your needs.

    For professional advice and installation, rely on Third Gen Garage Doors, your trusted local experts in Denver.

    Contact us today at Third Gen Garage Doors to discuss your needs and how we can help secure and enhance your business premises with the right door solutions.

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